How to create a secure password that you can easily remember

You need a secure password that you can easily remember? Do the following:

Make a sentence of at least 12 words that you can easily remember. Take the first letter of each word. Make every second letter of them a capital letter. Replace 'E' by '3', 'I' by '1', 'S' by '5', 'B' by '8', 'O' by '0' and 'a' by '@' (because th353 num83r5 l00k 51m1l@r t0 th3 r3pl@c3d l3tt3r5). Add a special character at the beginning or at the end of the character string (especially if you had no 'a', that you replaced with '@', in it).

Example: My mother always roasts a goose at Christmas and adds baked potatoes.

All first letters. MmaragaCaabp
Every second letter a capital letter: MMaRaGaCaAbP
Your password: MM@R@G@C@AbP.

Hackers will probably take a while to crack this password. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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