Actually, I didn't want to express myself politically in my blogs anymore. But what is happening in Europe at the moment is so present in my life that I cannot remain silent about it. My beloved girlfriend has Russian and Ukrainian roots. I myself have friends in both countries. And we look stunned at the horror that is befalling the people in Ukraine at this very moment. As if the conflicts in Donbass and Luhansk were not already terrible enough... now the horror becomes even greater.

Beloved brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Russia, my soul cries with you! It is so unbelievably sorrowful what is happening in Ukraine. My heart breaks at the thought of what you must endure in this war.

горькая моя родина

At this moment there are children, women, men... humans who are afraid for their lives.

I pray to all the forces of the universe that this suffering will end quickly.

War always strikes the innocent!


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